Wednesday, July 17, 2013

daily meditation for July 17, 2013-clarity

I will achieve clarity in my life today. I will be clear on account balances. I know when bills are due. I have all my appointments recorded on my calendar with sufficient reminders in place. I will make a note of upcoming social functions that I might be interested in. I will not miss one because I forgot about it. I will be current on all obligations. I will make lists for shopping. I will make lists of things I want to do.

In order to achieve peace and serenity on a daily basis, I must have a clear mind. I will not struggle with appointments, bills and dates dancing around in my head. They will be recorded in a way that makes my life clear. Only then will I have room for pleasure. Only then will I feel relaxed. I will achieve clarity today. I will be grateful for my clarity. Clarity of mind and heart is the greatest gift.


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