Tuesday, December 3, 2013

magnificent thoughts

I hope you enjoy this affirmation for your daily meditation. Please share your own joyful experiences with Shining Spirit.

My life has been much like a leaf floating in the wind. I will visualize the direction I am going and how fast I can get there. The Universe will be my wind. My magnificent thoughts and feelings will enhance my journey. My thoughts and feelings will become things. Since my life is of my creation, I am not subject to where the wind blows me. I will think magnificent thoughts and visualize an amazing life. I will feel what is it like to have this abundant life. It will soon be my reality.

My magnificent thoughts create my life. I will think of what I want and ask the Universe to help me get there. I see health, wealth and happiness. I am healthy. I am happy. I have great wealth to share with the Universe. My wisdom comes from the bright center of the Universe. It is beautiful there. I see the wisdom of the ages. I learn. I speak. I act.

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