Sunday, April 20, 2014

Tipper and Maggie

I hope you enjoy this affirmation for your daily meditation. Please share your own joyful experiences with Shining Spirit.

Tipper and Maggie (Tipper because he has a white tip on his tail and Maggie because she is magnificent) are truly a miracle. They have been a loving part of my life since May 2. I love every moment that they are in my presence and in my thoughts, which is always. They love to play fetch (they chase a wadded up piece of paper and bring it back to me) as well as play and rest in their kitty condo.

I have fostered for the local animal shelter and nursed many young cats until they could be adopted. I had two cats of my own for 16 and 23 years.

Last April, I noticed a lying by my car. When I looked back a moment later she had not moved. I walked out to be with her as she left us for her journey to Rainbow Bridge. Two days later a neighbor found her kittens and they spend the next 3 months with me. I found homes for three of them and fell in love with Tipper and Maggie. I hope you enjoy meeting the twins. They are very special.

Tipper and Maggie


Tipper and Maggie


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