Monday, December 2, 2013


I hope you enjoy this affirmation for your daily meditation. Please share your own joyful experiences with Shining Spirit.

My needs are met by an abundant and loving Universe.

I ask the Universe for the two things I need every day. My needs include enough food to eat, and a safe place to live. As long as I have something to eat and a place to sleep, I will have love to give. I will also ask for someone that needs my help. I have no greater joy than bringing kindness where there is none. It is my dream that I search the world over and find love and kindness everywhere I go.

Food and rest give me the physical strength I need to live a healthy life. As long as I can breathe I can help the person who does not have these things. Joy is a gift from the Universe for the kindness I share with the world. The universe is abundant and my needs are met today. My life is as abundant as the Universe. I will thank the Universe for all that I receive. I am grateful. I am safe. I am prosperous.

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My needs are met

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