Sunday, October 13, 2013

daily meditation for September 21, 2013-love

Welcome to Shining Spirit.

Love Changes Everything

Love is the key to my well being. It is with me in body, mind and spirit. It is present in all my personal relationships. It is present in the business for which I have passion. It is the key to spiritual fulfillment. It is the light of the Universe.

I will love my body. I will exercise. I will take care of my skin, hair and nails. I will look at myself in the mirror and express the love I feel for myself. I will improve my mind by aligning my thoughts with the Universe. I will learn new things every day. I will seek spiritual progress every day by loving myself. I will seek it unconditionally. I will find that it is all around me. When I align myself with the Universe and look in the right direction I will find it. I am learning how to recognize it, nurture it and share it. Until I learn to master it, the Universe will be my infinite source.

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